Cuff Me

When I was pregnant, a million and eighteen years ago, my blood pressure topped out at a whopping 200/160. I was living alone in a foreign country (Alabama), a supersized seizure waiting to happen. I'd drive to the hospital every day so they could check the numbers, "tsk, tsk", and tell me to stay in bed. The little dumpling was born, and my ferocious headaches ended immediately.*

*rather, they morphed into a 3-dimensional boy.

Upon starting the new job Monday, I was required to visit the Occupational Health Office. My blood pressure was high, higher yesterday, and, continuing with the trend, highest today. Of course, driving to the hospital twice a day, looking for a parking place, and being told to relax is stressing me out! The headaches are killing me...but at least I'm not pregnant.


Haphazardkat said...

Breathe. Breathe!

I caught up on your blogs--I've been sadly neglectful!

The one of the telephone tech tellin you to kick your sons butt to the curb? Priceless! :D

Hope things settle down a bit for you so you can get a handle on the pressure thing ;)

ColleenQ said...

haphazardkat: I've been equally bad - let's blame the weather!

junquedujour said...

uh oh - sounds like your popcorn-and-beer-for-each-meal days may be over.

fiorcet for headaches seems to work pretty good -- but when it's gone too far, then imitrex is the only answer