51% Responsible

“I was so much older then. I'm younger than that now.”

- Bob Dylan

My sister Tiffany emailed the other night to get my address in order to mail a check (that our dad had sent) for her auto registration, over a month late (September), and from the wrong state (Colorado). Minor details.
By now, you are hopped up on some barbituates and sleeping pills (Elvis cocktail, anyone?) so chances are you will (A) sleep walk to your computer with a pop tart in hand and read this e-mail or (B) read it at 4:00 when you awake from your drug-enhanced slumber.
She may be insightful and hilarious, but I'm still more responsible...


junquedujour said...

headaches? no sleep? increased attraction to alcohol?

ah my darling CQ, one word:

just wait til the crazy anger hits

welcome to my world

ColleenQ said...

Brenda: But I'm too young! (let's have a drink!)