Velocity = Distance/Time

If, by "speed dating", you mean hanging out with ex-boyfriend Crazy Dan on Saturday night, then promptly ignoring him Sunday when he went back to his clingy, pestering, annoying self full of round the clock email, then, yes, I've speed-dated. Note to self: drinking alone isn't that tragic.

A rather momentous weekend, as I also broke my self-imposed age barrier and had dinner with a FIFTY year old. Yes, fifty. It's not a huge age difference, but since I'm still 28 in my mind, I wonder what he's doing with such a younger woman. Pervert.


Anonymous said...

Pervert = Sugar Daddy? :) -moflo

terri said...

HA! This is the way of things...you are the "woman half his age, fgs!".

Lucky Devil. :)

junquedujour said...

obviously, he is going through MANopause - please tell me he's not driving a corvette.

mouse said...

wisest words my sister ever said:

"I'd rather be an old man's pet than a young man's slave."

I've done both and I'm stickin with the mature set...who, frankly, in my experience are hotter, sexier, smarter and better mannered and have more 'control' and stamina than the diaper leaguers!

ColleenQ said...

Moflo: irrelevant - he doesn't drink!

Terri: when do I get the men half MY age??

Brenda: worse - monster truck!

Mouse: and neither frees me up for more cats!