Alright, already - I'm home


terri said...

oh...if that just isn't the sweetest, heartwarming-est thing EVER!


...I am a little jealous!

AlabamaGal said...

That is such a precious picture. Armando is admiring your black cat. He just told me, I always wanted a black cat!!! Your white cat reminds me of my cat that I used to have named Cotton Jim.

Your dog is a cutie too. Does he got along well with the cats? He looks like he is just part of the gang. :)


Haphazardkat said...

omgosh. its been so long since you posted pics of your babies!!! Instantly made my day :D

ColleenQ said...

Thanks - they're such hams - they love every minute of it!

Michelle: I have 3 black cats now. Armando is welcome to any of them! Skylar (the dog) has been a stepmother to all my cats - she's pretty special.