I say BAH, you say HUMBUG!

$98.67 to ship Christmas packages to arrive Monday. That would buy six twelve-packs of Bud Light or eight boxes of wine. Is it any wonder I hate the holidays?

Next year, gift cards. Period.

[And an expression from my grandmother Hope, via my dad from an out-of-town parking lot internet connection: "I have a dual personality, not a split one." That would explain a lot.]


Haphazardkat said...

all that and not one to me??



Darren said...

You could have bought the beer and wine and then shipped the empties to whoever with a note saying, "I bought your gift from you to me, thanks so much" Then you would have saved on shipping and who cares if it would have been late.

rain said...

sad song.. I wish you didn't feel so tortured, C. I wish I could change things for you. Merry Christmas.T;)

terri said...

This is why I send things with NO postage...you get a postage mark with the date, and then you RESEND it after the holidays. At a normal rate. And still get credit for thoughtfullness.

No. I really don't do that. But it sure does sound like a good plan.


ColleenQ said...

Kat: obviously, all the snow is interferring with deliveries... ;)

Darren: you're kind of easy. I like that...

T: tortured? Nah, this is my simple holiday angst. You should see me when I'm depressed...

terri: like sending the electric bill to the cable company, and vice versa? It works for me!