Hot mess of a train wreck - that'd be me

My parents have been divorced for over 25 years, and they're probably better friends now than when they were married. It doesn't seem weird that my mom would cook the best Thanksgiving dinner spread, and invite my dad and his wife, along with Patrick & me. This may be the root cause of my skewed view of the universe.

I met Patrick in Atlanta, then continued the drive to Michigan with all the rest of the holiday travelers and state troopers. As we drove through Ohio, I thought of Dalehole, and wished I knew where he lived so I could pull up in his driveway and suprise/scare the crap out of him (it's a weird stalking issue or odd sense of humor I have, but it's under control. Mostly). Instead, he called me!

I usually don't answer when he calls, but occasionally I will, if only to practice proper tones of aloof and casual disdain. "Who is this again? Dale? Oh, yeah, yeah..." Really, why would I want anyone, especially him, to know how hard I fell, and how much it hurt when we stopped talking? Reject me? I think not.

He told me he'd be in Alabama for two weeks - did I want to hang out? Grab some dinner? Go to the beach? Sure. Whatever. Maybe if I wasn't too busy.

We've been together since Friday afternoon.

"A wise girl kisses but doesn't love, listens but doesn't believe, and leaves before she is left."
- Marilyn Monroe


rain said...

Haven't stopped over in some time..
sounds like you've been throwin it
all out there! (really living life!)
You deserve a good, decent partner,
Colleen. I'm going to see him showing up for you now. Join me? ;)

Haphazardkat said...

You can always fill his underwear with excess cat hair if he pisses you off. ;)

Come to me for advice anytime you wish. I'm full of most awesome ideas like that.

ColleenQ said...

He's back in Ohio - guess I should've drugged him while he was here, afterall.

terri said...

Indi, it's so weird...I knew this post existed, but I couldn't get to it! I don't know why. But I am so happy to see it now.

Anyway, I am empathising with the aloof disdain/passionate rendevouz. Does that mean I have the same odd sense of humor?

...and I am going to go remind myself who this boy is. Back in a minute with more words for you.

junquedujour said...

hmmmmm, interesting.
I didn't realize he didn't know.