Mon Ami

Why do I always think I want to be friends with ex-boyfriends (to fill the void after another ex has returned to his home in Ohio), but after they show up at my house with a big wad of chewing tobacco between cheeks/gums to help pick up a Christmas tree, then fall asleep while watching football on my couch and start snoring so loudly I have to go into another room, it occurs to me: what the hell was I thinking?!


terri said...

ohohohhhhh! I SO know which one this is!!

Chewing tobacco. That was a deal breaker for you. When I sober up I will remember the other nogo's on his list.

Haphazardkat said...

Wth girl? He sounds like a winner!!! *snort*

Darren said...

couldn't you fake a death or maybe get into the witness protection program?

ColleenQ said...

terri: at least he brought a spit bottle - ugh!

Kat: slim pickins in Alabama!

Darren: good poing - I was thinking of becoming a brunette! (I've got to stop letting guys know where I live!)