Merry Hana-Kwanza-Mas Festival!

[Crackhead Kennedy sitting atop a family heirloom/Budweiser wooden crate Christmas gift to my son...between that and a post-dated check, I'm guaranteed a slot in the mother of the year selection for 2008. Surely.]


Darren said...

Mother of the Year commitee members are still waiting for their case of Bud and check too.

Happy Holidaze.

junquedujour said...

Yeh, Merry Christmas to you
It's a shame that he drinks the same brand you do, huh?
Well, they say you give a gift you want to keep.
maybe he'll share.
If he does, then you really DO deserve the mother of the year.

Haphazardkat said...


LOVE the cat pic :) How many cats do you have now?

Hope you and your son had a wonderful Christmas :)

terri said...

A cat named Crackhead Kennedy - hahahaha!!!

Also, giving away perfectly drinkable beer (or at least the memorabilia it comes in) - hahahahahaha!!!

Thank you for the holiday cheer, MsIndi.

Did you get my gift list?:)

ColleenQ said...

Darren: if it were that easy, I'd have won last year...

Brenda: my sister & I drank it. If you snooze, you lose...

Kat: only FOUR! Can you believe it??

terri: she's kinda cute for a crackhead, eh?