Abby Normal

My dad, hands down, is the quirkiest individual I know. Oh, sure, it's funny when, once a year, he cancels his phone, internet and cable services. Any idea how frustrating that is for his drunk-dialing descendants living in different states?

I called to harass after receiving his "preparing to disconnect" email, and was eventually able to leave a voicemail (after dialing a series of previous phone numbers), "How do you expect me to be normal* when you set this kind of example? Huh?"

*which is funny, actually, because I've never been a big fan of "normal". It seems like a synonym for boring.

He took my message and transferred it to his portable voice recorder, to serve as a reminder - go normal! Am I the tiny voice of reason in his life?


junquedujour said...

"Am I the tiny voice of reason in his life?" <<<----- I hear ya sista - that IS a scary thought.

normal=boring -- so true and it so applies to my life these days. thank God I don't have a problem entertaining myself - but it provides for absolutely nothing to blog about.

Haphazardkat said...

Does he ever give a reason for the disconnect??
Strange--but slightly skewed genius! Just think of all the obnoxious ones we could ignore if we adopted that attitude? hmmm...

rain said...

I think it's so sweet that you refer to your dad as 'quirky'.. you must
love him so much.
Merry Christmas, my friend. t

http://abebedorespgondufo.blogs.sapo.pt/ said...

I like your blog.

terri said...

I like your blog, too. And I thought I left you a comment the last time I was here.

I am sure it was witty and funny. And also invisible.


ColleenQ said...

Brenda: I find it hard to believe your life could EVER be boring!

Kat: reason? I'm afraid that would be too logical...

T: it must make him more endearing, huh? Merry Christmas and all the best to you in '09!

Carlos: gracias!

terri: you ALWAYS leave witty and funny comments...it's the invisible ones I struggle with. ;)