Hey, good lookin', what'cha got cookin'...

You can probably tell a lot about someone by their grocery lists. Frankly, I'm a little concerned about mine:
  • beer
  • wine
  • mop head
  • cat food
  • toilet paper

My last job came through with a check for my accumulated 4 WEEKS of vacation pay in the nick of time, fortunately, so I was able to pay for groceries without auctioning off a kidney on ebay or taking in a roommate while waiting for the new position payroll to come through. I believe, at this moment, my glass is half full. Duh. I have beer and wine.


terri said...

Wouldn't it be funny to do a "what do all of these things have in common" game with that list??!

BTW, I need to borrow some toilet paper...I had wine on my list twice.

ColleenQ said...

Terri: I'm thinking the only answer to that game would be "crazy cat lady with the bad liver who obsessively cleans."