Baby Got Back (End Damage)

I must have a mesmerizing rear end, or much better brakes combined with cat-like reflexes, since I've had two separate collisions (that were not my fault) in recent years. What I assumed to be superficial paint damage is estimated at around $800, requiring super high gloss, a new bumper and 3-5 days to repair at the dealer. In Montgomery. Geez. That's not inconvenient.

Maybe I should've stuck to driving 2-1/2 ton trucks?

Appreciate our veterans today and every day!


terri said...

Aaack! All of my rear end collisions have been my fault - me backing up at high rates of speed without looking.

...I will lend you my tank for the next 3-5 days.

Happy Veteran's Day, you sexy soldier, you!


Anonymous said...

I will leave the 'rear end collision' thing alone. :) That's just too easy. However, you two in uniforms! Nice picture! It could only be enhanced if you were sporting a M-16 assault rifle! Happy Veteran's Day, thanks for serving. - moflo

AlabamaGal said...

Happy Belated Veteran's Day!
Great picture of you. I am an ex-army brat.

Ouch about the car. Sorry about that. My driver's license expired at the end of Oct. and I am just realizing it now. Oops. Gotta go tomorrow and renew.

ColleenQ said...

terri: wait, here's my "feigning suprise" face...high speed backing up? You don't say...? ;)

M: grenade in the left hand pocket.

Michelle: I was just a brat, minus the army. Go forth and get your license!