A 24" Dell flatscreen computer monitor at work. That's how much I've been upgraded with my new position (I feel like I'm hanging out at the drive-in, minus the pickup truck, lowered tailgate and salty snacks).

Unfortunately, it's accompanied by some dual-core, 2 hard drive, automatic backing up, louder-than-a-jet-plane-landing CPU, and the monitor had to be sent back because it was defective. Outstanding news o' the day: our installation hasn't switched to Vista!


terri said...

HA! And your new position will include hardware worthy of adjectives and salty prose...when can you start??!


deadites said...

I got a couple of Dell panels too. 2 x 24" with display port capability and one dual link 30 incher, along with all the other monitors and doodads at my desk. It's a small wonder I find room for all this stuff!