Darby O'Gill

"Then you can forget the tears an' troubles of the world outside. There's nothin' but fun and diversion here!"


There's no such thing as a free lunch...

...oh, wait a minute: yes, there is!

I frequent a Mexican restaurant outside the gates of Ft. Rucker, where the nachos are smothered under six pounds of cheese and the Coronas never end. When possible, I schedule work lunches there, and occasionally meet dates (one week, I met three different men there for lunch - it was a fluke, seriously).

Today, as I was waiting in line to pay, the owner came over and told me how grateful he was for all the business I brought - and told me lunch was on him. Next step? Bar tab...


Extra Sensory Breakup

I tend to assume everyone else is on the same page I am, yet that rarely seems to be the case. Christian has called three times, leaving messages about wanting to see me this weekend.

My break-up skills, obviously, need a little work.


November Spawned a Monster

Apparently, my maximum tolerance for a man is three months - it's officially over with Christian (though I should say "unofficially" because he's been waiting for ME to call HIM and I have no intention of breaking the silence with a dumping). There were no major problems - just a series of cumulative pet peeves and I'd rather be stoned to death with popcorn than deal with them another day:

  • I have no problem dating a poor (monetary-challenged) man, but a tightwad, cheap boyfriend who makes more than I do, and hasn't taken me out in three months, but still manages to come over and drink all my beer? Thanks, but no.

  • This might be irrational, but I don't like people who sleep more than 6 hours/night.

  • He doesn't believe in evolution, fossils, or carbon dating. Seriously. Gravity is also a theory, and I may not understand the complexities of it, but that doesn't mean I won't land on the floor if my drunken self falls off a bar stool.

  • He'd complain about my Netflix movie choices. She who pays, chooses!

  • Chewing tobacco. Just...ew!

  • How endearing that he has no cell phone or internet? Nope. He's too cheap and was hoping I could add him to my family plan.

  • He watches competitive fishing shows. Day and night.
  • Tell me, again, about all the fish in the sea??