Blonde and Blonder

Tiffany came waltzing out of the bathroom at the bar on Friday night, holding a folded wad of twenties and a check written to 'Avon'.

"Look what I found in the bathroom," she said, as she showed me the hard, beer-buying cash.

She wrote her phone number on a bar napkin, with a note to call with the exact dollar amount, and left it with the eye-rolling bartender.

We're fully prepared to hand over a briefcase full of i.o.u.'s if someone ever calls...


Rain said...

What a drag that must be for someone!
..and the check had no info on it?? weird. Nothing like this ever happens to me. Just proof positive that it's good to go out drinking..
P.S. Thanks so much for
'The Landlord'. The funniest thing in the world!

rain said...

By the way, what's with those apparitions in the pic??

Sarah said...

I've apparently been going to the wrong bars. The only thing I got out of mine was some lousy karaoke and a bunch of horny old men.

Suh-weet moves, by the way.

kcnak said...

Hey it's alaska woman I have missed you. Love the new blog, the video is freakin' hilarious.
Did you move due to weirdos or what. I will be happy again to be able to read your blog. I haven't updated mine for a year and it is still on msn which from what i understand is junk. you can email me if you still have the address or post a note to blog. so relieved to find you. KC

Darren said...

A wad of twenties and a check made out to avon? Some back-room cosmetic deals going down.

Say Anything said...

Rain: I wondered the same thing about the smoky apparitions - the ghost of bud light past?

Sarah: we'll buy you a ticket to come visit with our next Avon winnings...

KC: nah, the only weirdo I keep moving from is myself. And I'm relentless. ;)

Darren: and yes, we had to give the money back! The woman called and we met in the parking lot of the vet clinic (?).