Where was I, and where'd I put that baby?

Seventeen years ago, after the birth of my son Patrick, people (and by "people", I mean meddling women with secret agendas) would say to me, "Oh, the pain of childbirth will fade and you'll be wanting more kids before you know it."

Uh huh. Right.

The memory doesn't fade so much as get replaced by the temper tantrums of a screaming, headstrong toddler, to be followed by interactions with a hormonal, angry teenager. I suppose Bud Light might've induced a bit of memory loss, though: I didn't realize it was Patrick's birthday yesterday because I thought today was March 31st. It's not - it's April 1st. Who's the fool now?

He's in Savannah for the weekend with his dad, getting that black monstah Dodge truck. Surely he'll drive me to the drugstore to pick up some Gingko biloba when he gets back.

P.S. In the wagon above: Patrick and his Uncle David (or 'Trick and 'Vid, as they called each other one year for the sole purpose of being annoying).


rain said...

Ouch! Hope you don't have to pay for too long, for your lapse in synapse.
My memory is getting worse by the minute, but I have TONS of excuses..
P.S. My word verification, below:
deush.. just thought that was funny

TQ said...

THAT baby! haha! I'm confused...YOU FORGOT PATRICK'S B-DAY?! hhahahahahahahha remember 16 candles w/ Molly Ringwald?

Say Anything said...

Rain: hopefully, forgiveness is on the other side of a big, ole cake!

TQ: I didn't forget his b'day - I forgot the DATE! (hey, I'm old!) ;)

ms. biped said...

hey 3/31 is my nephew's bday! he turned 13.

"trick and vid" that's funny. :)

(you are so hard to keep up with.)

Say Anything said...

P: (my nightmares are always of 'being caught' so I suppose that carries over into blog world. Catch me if you can ;)

JustJock said...

"catch me if you can" was a line of jack the ripper's. hmmmmm.