Uncle Sam and Moses

Patrick arrived back home sans truck. Seems a little gratitude and a 'thank you' was required, and he wasn't quite up to the challenge. I don't claim to understand him, and if I could, I'm sure I wouldn't admit it anyway, BUT the good news is he has a new job standing outside Liberty Tax dressed as Uncle Sam for $8/hr. I won't laugh, I won't laugh, I won't laugh.

I went to pick up my military driver's license today as a class of Army soldiers were simultaneously walking in the opposite direction in the hallway. Someone in charge yelled, "let the lady through", as half the soldiers went against one wall, while the other half went against the other. I felt a bit Moses-like, walking through a giant, parted sea of green uniforms.

I'm feeling a bit omnipotent, like I have commandments to write. Thou shall not covet thy father's Dodge truck.


rain said...

Hey, $8 an hr ain't bad for a little humiliation. I've never gotten paid anything for that... Okay, if you could proclaim a commandment (or two), for blogland, what would it be?

JustJock said...

actually, the funny part is that they said "lady." hahahahaha.

Darren said...

Now she has this recorded in history via blogdom that she was referred to as a "lady". This will be use as some kind of evidence in the future. :P

Anonymous said...

take pictures...lots of pictures...they will be invaluable for blackmail in years to come.

'lady'...apparently THEY don't read yer blog. LOLOLOL

wiz's wicked wench


monty said...

Is the new temporary permanent home for the blog then?

Here's one, Thou shalt not move...again.

ms. biped said...

boobs have power!

patrick is going to have a great story about weird jobs when he's older.

Say Anything said...

Rain: no blogging on Sunday and no false gods at MSN, of course. ;)

Jock, Darren, Wiz's wench: at least it's better than "ma'am", grrrr!

Monty: I've been here from the beginning - it seemed pointless to post the same drivel in different places.

P: and in the meantime, we have all this Uncle Sam material to work with! ;)