Slightly irked bovine

I was able to donate blood today for the first time since our return from Germany in 2000 and am relieved to find out I'm no longer a substantial mad cow risk (though witnessing flabby, old-lady-chicken-arms-from-a-tourniquet-tied-around-an-aging-bicep wasn't such a bonus). Let's just hope the lucky recipient doesn't get a DUI after the donation.


Sarah said...

I was considering buying a Mac next, but after I heard the "drag & drop," my mind is clearly made up.

Kelly said...

As a mac user, I must weigh in to say it's completely user friendly.

Don't make any judgements till you own your own.

There is a reason that Mac users will only use Mac's. We LOVE them.

Either way, I'm a supporter of any one who has a love of the computer.

Darren said...

tried posting this last night from my phone,but didn't go thru...

Face it people are just intoxicated by you.

Now for some reason NIN's "Starf_ckers Inc." is playing in my head.

rain said...

The only thing I know about Macs, is that the people I know who have them, just LOVE them..

ms. biped said...

of course, the real question is: Did you meet rachel ray?

junquedujour said...

I used to work on a Mac in my previous life -- I had a name for it:

which translated to:
user unfriendly bitch

I'm sure I was just naive

Mac DOES do the best commercials though :)