How I Love My Job, part 32,500

It's been ten years since the E.P.A. (Environmental Protection Agency) visited my military base, so they've descended en masse for the week, unannounced, to make our lives hell. It's a multimedia event, which means they're looking at every aspect of our environmental program.

I normally work 10-12 hour days, but this week I'm having to neglect my work load so I can traipse around in heels, answering questions and hoping they don't find any violations worthy of a $32,500 fine per day.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; and the ability to bowl inspectors over with bullshit...


Darren said...

They are going to know you are full of it because you are wearing heels to help keep you from standing deep in the BS.

junquedujour said...

what? you have to pray for the ability to bullshit?
and all this time i thought it just came naturally!

and now i will attempt to type the entire alphabet (backward and forward) - thanks to the security on this site just to publish this worthless comment

i know, it's always the 10% that fuck it up for the remaining 90%, eh?

Colleen said...

Darren: if all else fails, detract people with lots of leg. ;)

Brenda: perhaps it comes more naturally than I thought (sorry about the spam tool - it IS kind of annoying).